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Our Manufactured Tools:  Stabilizers, Sleeve Stabilizers, Stabilizer Sleeves, and Downhole Drilling Stabilizers!
Sleeve Stabilizers | Stabilizer Sleeves | Downhole Drilling Stabilizers
Stabilizer Sleeves are manufactured from solid bar (also available in non-magnetic material) for greater strength in rugged conditions and engineered for easy make up. The sleeve stabilizers are designed as rig-replaceable units to help solve the problems of logistics when drilling in remote areas.

Motor Stabilizers for downhole drilling available in all sizes as well (Mag and Non-mag)!

Hard Metal is most commonly applied to leading edges for additional protection. A variety of Stabiltec Hard Metal Performance Coatings are available.
Please Specify When Ordering:
1) Hole Size and Series.
2) Drill Collar Size.
3) Type of Hard Metal:
  (Durham Powder, Permalloy, etc.)
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